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High-speed data devices are the new heart of cable systems. Advanced video technology depends on them. CounterStryx manages them like never before.

Cable modems. EMTA. GPON.

CounterStryx for HSD extends CounterStryx’s advanced troubleshooting revenue assurance to high-speed data telephony devices. You get the same cross-system, cross-technology views as our set-top tools, on the same account screen with troubleshooting that understands the dependencies between HSD and IPTV/OTTP.

Configuration problems identified. Revenue leakage from unauthorized devices mismatched packaging detected. And the industry’s most advance cable modem cloning control – with same-day automated detection interdiction.

Video troubleshooting gets more complex every day. Give your people the tools they need to troubleshoot fast. And get the payback benefit from the industry's leading revenue assurance tools.

Nothing makes it easier.

One diagnostic screen covers all video devices on account. Billing, provisioning, middleware conditional access data. Full authorization packaging cross-checks. With the same interface across vendors technology.

With Tracker Automation, CounterStryx identifies problems and automatically corrects them. Technical corrections to improve customer satisfaction. Revenue leakage corrections to improve your bottom line. And the fastest piracy detection countermeasures in the industry.

VOD is critical. We treat it that way. Fast access to activity and error logs. Revenue leakage control. Exactly what operators expect from MAXXIAN.

VOD management has never been easier – or faster.

Nothing troubleshoots VOD faster than CounterStryx. Full VOD authorization credit checks covering CA, billing, network VOD servers. Get the payback you need with unauthorized usage viewing detection, identification of unreported buys.

CounterStryx VOD Option collects and analyses low-level VOD activity, available at the click of a button. Data is processed in near real-time. Displays for devices, accounts, service groups servers. With multi-vendor, multi-system support.

COUNTERSTRYX®. One solution for all your devices.


CounterStryx HQ gives you one access point and one interface across multiple systems and vendors.

You’ve merged acquired multiple systems. You have multiple billing, CA VOD vendors – you’re introducing IPTV OTTP technology.

CounterStryx HQ was built for some of the largest most complex environments in the industry. One interface access point for everything. It even runs cross-checks between the systems to identify duplication errors.

We’re already handling systems with millions of set-tops and high-speed data devices for some of the largest most innovative operators in the industry.

You operate a mix of merged systems, with multiple billing, CA and VOD vendors. You're trying to re-organize and optimize. You need MAXXIAN.

Our technical team has worked hand-in-hand with operators on system merges, splits conversion. We identify and correct problems errors before the transition. We’re there during the transition to cross-check configurations before you pull the switch to automatically correct problems before they’re noticed.

Migrating between billing or CA vendors? CounterStryx maintains device account history throughout the transition to help you track the source of conversion problems.

Find out why major vendors recommend MAXXIAN to their customers.

Some of the largest operators in the industry call on MAXXIAN when they suspect piracy and digital hacks. Because they get results from CounterStryx™.

With CounterStryx’s unprecedented coverage of the operational chain from billing through provisioning, CA, networking components, CPE devices, no other supplier has a more comprehensive view of the entire system. No other vendor has out track record.

We’ve developed tools that detect hacked cloned set-tops and cable modems as they appear on the network. We’ve deployed same-day countermeasures that prevent VOD access and device operation. Nobody reacts faster. Nobody solves it faster.


Maxxian Case Studies

Truck Roll 101: Full Account Diagnostics
By: kshapoval | January 20, 2015
Because the caller can’t tell you everything that’s wrong.

Giving your field techs the complete picture.


Access to a customer’s home is an opportunity to do it right the first time. We provided custom screens that show all the problems CounterStryx can see – power level, response, authorization – not just the one the customer called about. The field tech gets a unique opportunity to fix things before the customer notices. We’ve made it available on laptops with VPN access to the operator’s site, through APIs to field tech’s hand-held devices, through dispatcher screens.

Truck Roll 201: Taking Responsibility and Measuring the Results
By: kshapoval | January 20, 2015
Service calls are move effective when you measure the results and hold people accountable.

Proven results by ranking field techs and their supervisors.


CounterStryx was enhanced to receive closed truck roll reports from the billing system. Then we checked to see if the problems were corrected. Reports are provided by field tech, rolled up to supervisors and directors. With daily and weekly analysis rankings. Our customer feedback? “The fastest change in installer behaviour we’ve ever seen”. “Now they’re using those expensive scopes we bought them.” The hard results? 15% drops in service calls within 3 months of implementation. We’ve measured the same effect across multiple implementations.

Truck Roll 301: Confirming VOD Operation
By: kshapoval | December 20, 2014
VOD is your strategic advantage. Make sure it works.

Confirming VOD on all devices.


A major operator wanted to ensure that VOD was working on all set-tops during every service call. Building on our earlier reporting the CounterStryx VOD product, we added a check to see if a VOD transaction had been successfully initiated on all set-tops on the account. The truck roll data was augmented so we could separately report on the quality of new installations – so new customers get the extra attention they deserve.

Custom Dashboards Now Have One Source for Data Diagnostics
By: kshapoval | March 12, 2015
One set of APIs makes it all available – with advanced controls logging.

Device level. Account level. Access to all the data you need.


The greatest problem for cable operators developing custom customer service dashboards is getting access to technical data from the devices, security systems network components. Vendors don’t provide interfaces or documentation.


Maxxian has solved that problem for them. Our customers use CounterStryx’s APIs to get access to device and account level information. Stored values from periodic extracts, or real-time access. Device refreshes re-reads to ensure the data is current accurate. Configurable controls to ensure devices networks aren’t flooded with repeat requests.

Cable operators can focus their development on their critical business operational rules procedures to build the best dashboards possible.

Reduce Chronic Poll Times, Reduce Network Traffic
By: kshapoval | January 20, 2015
Unnecessary polling is a major network traffic generator.

Why are inactive set-tops being polled?


Chronic set-tops polls on large CA systems took more than 5 days to run. We found that set-tops that were disabled long ago were still being polled. These disabled units often represent up to 30% of the inventory on a CA system. Some were obsolete models. We implemented a CounterStryx Tracker Automation process to disable the polling for these units, to remove unused authorization records, to issue deactivation commands to ensure they were indeed inactive. Chronic poll times dropped to less than 12 hours. The size of the CA database was significantly reduced. And some of the units came back to paying accounts. This is now a standard CounterStryx process.

Duplicate IP Addresses – Unduplicated
By: kshapoval | January 15, 2015
Fixing the problem before the customer notices. Before the truck rolls.

A recurring problem gets a real-time solution.


An operator uncovered a problem with improper IP addresses. A set-top assigned to a new account could still have its old IP address. On recognizing a new account authorization system, the CA system would allocate the device a new IP address, but the device would not acquire the new address until it rebooted. The device would be unable to access VOD other advance services, might even have a duplicate address if its current address was reallocated by the CA. This resulted in a significant number of truck roll service calls. Using our existing monitoring capability for transaction flows between the billing and CA system, we added a process to automatically detect the authorization streams for new accounts. When we spotted one, we checked the network activity logs for reboot/IP address allocation activity – automatically sent the device a reboot comm within minutes. We went from problem identification to production solution in under 10 days.

Cable Cards Now Paired for Life
By: kshapoval | January 15, 2015
Making sure cable cards stay paired when boxes move between systems.

Pairing re-pairing for reliable operation.


A scan of the CA systems showed that cable cards were often unpaired with their host set-top. This can cause problems for digital rights management copy protection. The problem was worse for operators with multiple CA systems. We tracked the issue to a billing system design decision. After a card is initially paired, billing assumes it’s paired for life. Set-top movements between CA systems did not re-pair the cards. CounterStryx now runs daily scans of all CA systems and automatically pairs any unmatched units.

Set-top Piracy 1/Vendor A: More Than Just Cloning
By: kshapoval | January 22, 2015
Stopping it fast is the most powerful deterrent.

Cloned set-top MAC addresses were the tip of the iceberg.


We alerted an operator to set-top cloning on their system – where the same MAC address was appearing on two different network segments. We dug deeper than the vendor found that this was the tip of the iceberg. There were more tampered devices with unique MAC addresses. The ratio was almost 100-to-1, the devices were accessing VOD content in alarming numbers. Within two weeks, we developed deployed a custom countermeasure to detect the tampered devices appearance on the network within minutes – immediately halt their ability to access VOD. The illicit VOD access wasn’t just reduced – it was eliminated.

Set-top Piracy 2/Vendor B: More Clones, More Variants
By: kshapoval | January 21, 2015
Detecting as they appear. Dynamically adapting to hack changes.

Real–time detection through network monitoring.


An operator contacted us to perform a secondary piracy audit. Their vendor was running a periodic, network intensive scan to detect hacked set-tops, with a master key changes as the recommended solution. We analysed the behaviour of the tampered units, developed a process to detect them individually as they appeared on the network – interfere with their operation. The CounterStryx process proved faster, detected more tampered units,  detected cloned instances of the tampered units. Our countermeasures interfered with tampered devices as soon as they were detected. After the operator performed  a master key change, our process automatically detected a new variant to the set-top hack as it appeared – our countermeasures were still effective.

Cable Modem Cloning Becomes Unprofitable
By: kshapoval | January 20, 2015
Automatic detection. Automatic deactivation of new instances.

Fast action makes cloning futile for hackers.


An operator heard a rumour about cable modem cloning. They thought they were safe because their provisioning processes were supposed to prevent the problem. We showed them it was happening, we didn’t stop there. We developed a process to detect new clones within hours of their appearance on the network. We added verification across CMTS,  hubs sites to make cloning identification a company-wide process. Then we added the intelligence differentiate between the tampered the legitimate unit – automatically control the new cloned instances within hours of their appearance on the network.

Getting Device Sharing Under Control
By: kshapoval | January 20, 2015
Box sharing. Account Stacking. Illicit “friends family” program. Whatever you call it, CounterStryx helps control it.

Detect it. Correct it. Prevent it.


CounterStryx detected hundreds of accounts – including employees – with set-tops being shared across households. While a warning was sufficient for most people, some objected, refused operator access to the home. Historical device movement logging in CounterStryx shows when the device moved. We added a ping feature the revenue assurance people could run without using the head end staff resources. A successful ping with the home’s street tap disconnected was proof-positive that the device was not in the intended home. At another operator, our historical data tracked the activity to a team of rogue installers.

When word gets out that your operation won’t tolerate it, growth in illicit sharing is largely stopped.

Detecting Stopping Rogue Employees
By: kshapoval | January 20, 2015
When access to authorization systems is not controlled.

Finding out who’s adding authorizations – when.


The CounterStryx reports showed a dramatic  increase in set-tops with CA-level VIP authorizations. The CA logs had no information. We instrumented the CA to determine when the privileges were being added. Combined with a strategically-placed hidden camera, the perpetrators were identified, with the appropriate consequences.


About Maxxian


MAXXIAN doesn't just detect some of toughest revenue and operational problems in the industry. Our systems are trusted to automatically prevent and correct them. With real-time and periodic scans, problems are often handled before the customer notices, and before the truck rolls.

Our operators are some of the largest, most complex most innovative in the industry. When the largest vendors in the industry can’t provide the results required or get to the bottom of a problem, operators call MAXXIAN.


Starting with our first system audits over 10 years ago, MAXXIAN pioneered cross-system cross-technology technical analysis of cable systems. We surprised our first customer with our ability to efficiently and unobtrusively extract data from their security conditional access, network, and billing systems, and to clearly show them the revenue operational problems caused by inconsistencies we identified. They encouraged to further develop the product to help with systems operations troubleshooting. This led to the first release of CounterStryx Operations Center covering the Motorola DAC digital set-tops.


The product proved itself, was extended to other vendor’s systems, to CounterStryx HQ for handling multiple CA systems from multiple vendors in enterprise-scale operations. CounterStryx VOD Option extended our capabilities to VOD analysis, with our first prototype deployed across 7 CA systems from two vendors with three different VOD technologies. We provided near instantaneous access to 1.5 billion detailed VOD records for over 2 million active set-tops.


Constant customer feedback guides all our development. Enhancements followed for automated set-top deactivations, technical corrections, cable modem management, cable modem clone control, and, in 2014, our first systems for IPTV/OTTP systems.





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